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Frequently Asked Questions

What are savings and loan institutions?

Savings and loan association, a savings and home-financing institution that makes loans for the purchase of private housing, home improvements, and new construction.

What is the definition of savings and loan?

savings and loan. n. a banking and lending institution, chartered either by a state or the Federal government. Savings and loans only make loans secured by real property from deposits, upon which they pay interest slightly higher than that paid by most banks.

What are savings and Loan Holding Company?

A Savings and Loan Holding Company (SLHC) is a company that owns or controls one or more savings association subsidiaries. The Board of Governors is responsible for regulating and supervising SLHCs.

What is Home Loan Investment Bank?

Home Loan Investment Bank, F.S.B. is an FDIC insured institution located in Warwick, RI. It was founded in 1979 and has approximately $0.29 billion in assets.

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