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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the savingsplus® settlement card?

It's more than just a settlement card; its volume savings on the things you purchase every day: fuel, tires, and more! The card is free and there are no credit requirements or monthly fee. It's our way of saying thanks for all you do. Two-day, electronic payment on the SavingsPlus® settlement card at a low rate of 1.5%

What can I do with my price plus card?

- Bring your Price Plus® club card with you every time you shop. - Present your card at the checkout and watch the savings add up! - Instant cash discounts on hundreds of items throughout the store. - Special offers and promotions such as Free Holiday items. - Exclusive mailings and offers created FOR YOU. - Checkout Coupons® on brands YOU buy.

What is the interest rate for plus savings account?

Savings Account that earns you up to 0.05% a year interest on your savings, with no initial deposit or monthly fee required. Interest rate for Plus! Savings Account Additional benefits you can enjoy with your Plus!

What is the rxsavings Plus card?

Our card, offered at no cost, gets you the same medications, at the same pharmacies, for a lower negotiated price. Why RxSavingsPlus? Why RxSavingsPlus?

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