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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in a scheme?

Scheme is a minimalist dialect of the Lisp family of programming languages. Scheme consists of a small standard core with several tools for language extension. Scheme was created during the 1970s at the MIT AI Lab and released by its developers, Guy L. Steele and Gerald Jay Sussman, via a series of memos now known as the Lambda Papers.

What is another word for scheme?

synonyms for scheme Compare Synonyms arrangement blueprint design device game plan pattern plan program project proposal strategy system theory chart codification contrivance diagram disposition draft expedient layout order ordering outline presentation proposition purpose schedule schema suggestion tactics

What is the meaning of scheme?

scheme ( skiːm) n 1. a systematic plan for a course of action 2. a systematic arrangement of correlated parts; system 3. a secret plot 4. a visionary or unrealizable project 5. a chart, diagram, or outline 6. (Astrology) an astrological diagram giving the aspects of celestial bodies at a particular time 7.

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