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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a scheme and a trope?

As nouns the difference between trope and scheme. is that trope is (literature) something recurring across a genre or type of literature, such as the ‘mad scientist’ of horror movies or ‘once upon a time’ as an introduction to fairy tales similar to archetype and but not necessarily pejorative while scheme is a systematic plan of future action.

What are the different types of tropes?

There are six common types of trope including irony, allegory and metaphor. There are also innumerable other kinds of tropes used in rhetoric from allusion to zeugma. A trope is any situation where a speaker, writer or poet plays with words.

What are the most popular color schemes?

Neutral Color Schemes. The top of the list, most popular neutral color scheme is yellow. Many people buy yellow, green, or light colors when they are trying to buy for a neutral color scheme. Many people go for stripes or polka dots with yellow and green. However, yellow and white is popular as well.

What is the meaning of tropes?

Definition of trope. 1a : a word or expression used in a figurative sense : figure of speech. b : a common or overused theme or device : cliché the usual horror movie tropes. 2 : a phrase or verse added as an embellishment or interpolation to the sung parts of the Mass in the Middle Ages.

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