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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of schooling?

A school's mission must be academically focused, as after all that is the primary function of the school environment. While there are other functions that a school serves, other roles that it plays, the academic growth of the students is where it all starts and where it should ultimately lead.

What are the types of schooling?

There are many types of further education such as, community college or university, trade and technical schools, and military colleges/academies. Different degrees include the Associates degree which is a two year program, Bachelors degree which is generally 4–5 years, Masters degree, and PhD.

What is the difference between schooling and education?

Even though schooling is frequently misidentified as education, there is much difference between education and schooling. The term education encompasses basically two meanings. They are formal and informal ways of gaining knowledge while schooling stands for the initial and secondary stage of formal education system that take place in school.

What is schooling mean?

Definition of schooling. 1a : instruction in school : education. b : training, guidance, or discipline derived from experience. 2 archaic : reproof. 3 : the cost of instruction and maintenance at school.

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