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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the sldcada website?

The SLDCADA site is only accessible using Internet Explorer. Information and specific assistance on accessing and using the SLDCADA website and V23 area is provided only through direct supervisors. Employees use the system to enter time and attendance, and the system is monitored by the command POC and the employees' supervisor.

What is sldcda leave authorization?

This information is intended to provide an overview and supplement the information in the Software Users Manual. SLDCDA Leave Authorization provides the ability for you to replace your paper-based leave request and authorization process with an on-line SLDCADA process. SLDCADA can also generate approved leave.

Who are the sldcada administrators?

SLDCADA Administrators: • Diana Grannison (ASN, CIO, DACM, NAVSEA, IPO, MCORPS, MSC, NAVOCENO, NAVSUP, NCCA, ONR, OPNAV, OPTEVFOR, SPAWAR, SSP) 717-605-6485 [email protected] • Brian Jarnagin

How does sldcada process leave requests?

Once a week, SLDCADA will send an email to the requestor’s supervisor listing all the pending Leave Requests. The supervisor approves or denies the request. Once approved or denied, an immediate email is generated by SLDCADA and sent back to the requestor. When SLDCADA generates time, it will generate leave from the Leave Authorization.

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