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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 73 Scorpion Stinger a 440 Rockwell Stinger?

Scorpion Stinger is comin' thru." As a follow-up to last year's performance testing, a prototype 73 Stinger with a 440 Rockwell was pitted against a 72 Ski-Doo 440 and a 72 Arctic Cat Cheetah 440 in a grueling analysis captured by Scorpion executives for marketing purposes (filmed in early 1972).

What is the history of the Scorpion Stinger?

Scorpion also touted the Scorpion Stinger's performance in head-to-head performance and reliability tests, filmed in early 1971 on the Cuyuna Range. These test trials (and narrated film footage) featuring President Warren Daoust were central to Scorpion sales efforts.

What is this vintage Scorpion snowmobile site for?

Welcome to my site dedicated Vintage Scorpion snowmobiles. You will find online parts manuals, tech help an online registry with photo's and more. The long term goal is to have this be a place you can go to find out what Scorpion made and how to keep them up and running.

How do I get parts for my Scorpion sled?

The first version will allow you to pick parts from the manuals we have already scanned. Simply pick the parts and an when you are done, an email will be generated and sent to us. There is also a Scorpion registry on the site as well as model information for all the sleds Scorpion built.

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