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Frequently Asked Questions

What are scorpion stings?

Scorpion stings are a cutaneous condition caused by the stinging of scorpions, usually resulting in pain, paresthesia, and variable swelling. The anatomical part of the scorpion that delivers the sting is called a "telson".

Should you go to the ER for a scorpion sting?

However, anyone who experiences the severe symptoms listed previously after a scorpion sting needs immediate treatment in an emergency department. Continuously apply ice to the sting area. If there is no danger to other people, carefully collecting a dead or injured scorpion into a sealed container to show to the physician may be helpful.

What happens when you take benzodiazepines after a scorpion sting?

This includes benzodiazepines, which are depressants that lower brain activity. “If you start to have neurological problems or breathing trouble from the sting, but you’re sedated on top of that, it can make things a lot worse,” Dr. Elser says. Some scorpion stings just plain hurt, while others have a more significant effect on the body.

How do you treat a scorpion sting on your leg?

Most scorpion stings don’t require treatment, though it can be a good idea to see your doctor as a precaution. If symptoms are severe, you may need to receive hospital care. You may need to take sedatives if you’re experiencing muscle spasms and intravenous (IV) medication to treat high blood pressure, pain, and agitation.

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