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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a great Scotch&Soda Cocktail?

While a Scotch & Soda may seem simple—it is just two ingredients—the classic cocktail is difficult to make right. Throwing ice into a glass, adding some scotch and topping with seltzer may produce a drinkable cocktail, but there are simple techniques that can ensure you have the best Scotch & Soda that you’ve ever had, with repeatable results.

What is scotscotch & soda?

Scotch & Soda is: A seasoned mix of pro musicians – Bette T & Rayman, Barbara, Craig G, and Lady C (Carole Hanzel); offering delightful diversity and color, rich harmonies, and a style all there own.

What is the perfect ratio for a Scotch and soda?

Like many Japanese bartenders, Yoshi Sakamoto believes that the perfect ratio for the Scotch & Soda is based on tradition rather than experimentation. He always uses 1.5 ounces of whisky and four to five ounces of soda—no matter what.

What kind of glass is a Scotch and soda in?

Unlike the Gin & Tonic—which benefits from the use of alternative glassware —the Scotch & Soda should only be made in a Highball glass. Structured similarly to a Champagne flute, a Highball allows the essence of the drink to travel upwards on the bubbles.

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