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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a species profile of the Scotch broom?

Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Species Profile - Scotch Broom ( Cytisus scoparius), National Invasive Species Information Center, United States National Agricultural Library.

What is another name for a broom plant?

Cytisus scoparius, the common broom or Scotch broom, syn. Sarothamnus scoparius, is a perennial leguminous shrub native to western and central Europe. In Britain and Ireland, the standard name is broom, but this name is also used for other members of the Genisteae tribe, such as French broom or Spanish broom,...

What are the medical uses of broom?

Broom contains scoparin, which is a diuretic. The plant also is used as a cathartic and as a cardiac stimulant which is credited to the presence of sparteine. A decoction or infusion of broom can be used to treat dropsy due to its diuretic action. An ointment can be made from the flowers to treat gout.

How do you dye a bell plant green?

The flowers are on a stalk, bell-shaped, and sweetly scented. The entire plant is poisonous if consumed. A light green dye can be created by boiling the leaves with water. The dye bath must be disposed of properly because the plant and dye bath are toxic to humans and animals.

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