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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove Scotch broom?

The best practice for removal is to get a pair of Corona pruning shears with 36″ handles. I recommend Corona’s because they have a lifetime warranty and Corona will replace any part that breaks for free for as long as you own the shears. ... The only way to get rid of Scotch Broom is to remove the entire root system and plant.

Where did Scotch broom originate?

There are two subspecies of Scotch broom that originate from Europe and North Africa. These plants can be found all over the world today. Scotch broom grows on dry, sandy soil, exposed to direct sunlight, in areas with cool, temperate climate. It can be found in grasslands, woodlands and areas near the water.

What does Scotch broom look like?

Scotch broom is an upright perennial shrub in the pea family, which grows 3-12 feet tall, with slender sharply angled greenish brown branches. dark green above and pale and hairy below. The plant produces bright yellow 1-inch-long flowers from March to June, and flat pods, which contain 5-8 bean-like seeds.

Does Scotch broom cause allergies?

Scotch broom is often blamed for aggravating allergies because it is bright and yellow and stinks, the experts say, whereas less conspicuous and more bothersome grasses often escape the wrath of those with allergies.

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