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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Scotch broom survive in dry soil?

Scotch broom flourishes in full sunlight in dry, sandy soils, but it can survive under a wide variety of soil conditions. However, it does not tend to survive in very arid or cold areas. Scotch broom invades dry hillsides, pastures, forest clearings, dry scrublands, dry riverbeds, and waterways.

Where can I find Scotch broom in Washington State?

Scotch broom can be found on roadsides, pastures, grasslands, open areas and areas of recent soil disturbance. Please click here to see a distribution map of Scotch broom in Washington.

What is scotscotch broom?

Scotch broom ( Cytisus scoparius) is a leguminous shrub, native to Europe that has invaded significant areas of the Pacific Northwest and rigorously competes with native vegetation.

Why do people kill Scotch broom?

Reasons to Kill Scotch Broom. Effects of scotch broom shrub include competition with native forest plants. In addition, the scotch broom shrub produces soil conditions which encourage growth of other non-native weeds, choking out native foliage. Wildlife find the shrub unpalatable and may be driven from a habitat overtaken by the scotch broom.

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