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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scotch broom invasive?

Scotch broom is invasive in several plant communities in the Puget Trough area of western Washington, including Idaho fescue grasslands and Oregon white oak woodlands. These plant communities are heavily impacted by nonnative species, among which Scotch broom is one of the most common and widespread.

Is scotscotch broom native to Oregon?

Scotch broom is classified as a "Category 3," widespread nonnative species by the USDA, Forest Service, Eastern Region [139]. Striated broom is classified as a Category B noxious weed in Oregon [141].

What does a Scotch broom look like?

Bright yellow flowers in leaf axils. Fruit is a brownish-black pod with hairs only along the seams. Scotch broom ( Cytisus scoparius) is found along the east and west coasts of North America and in Idaho, Montana, and Utah.

How do the seeds of Scotch broom seeds disperse?

Two adaptations allow the seeds to disperse even further: (1) a hard seed coat that allows the seeds to survive rough transport through water, and (2) a fleshy structure rich in lipids and proteins that attracts ants. The ants carry the seeds back to their nests, creating dense infestations of scotch broom around ant nests.

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