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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scotsman action coin auction?

The bidders attend for a reason, to buy rare coins and paper money, and aggressively bid against each other for items they need for their collection or inventory. Scotsman Action Co. gives them the opportunity to view numerous quantities of collectibles at one central location, and at their convenience.

What is Scotchman?

The PREFERRED Solution by Metal Fabricators. Scotchman is a leading manufacturer of metal fabrication equipment, accessories, and custom tools.

Why sell with Scotsman?

If you want your money quickly from auction decision, Scotsman will accommodate you. We offer favorable advancements or pay consigners just 30 days after the sale. Plus, our minimum price guarantee assures you will receive no less than our “selling outright” offers.

What kind of grinder does Scotchman make?

Scotchman is also the North American importer of ALMI Tube and Pipe Grinder/Notchers . These coping machines are available in three styles: manual, electric, and abrasive grinder notchers. Scotchman also imports a manual Utility Style Horizontal Band Saw.

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