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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cold saw does Scotchman make?

Scotchman offers six models of Manual & Semi-Automatic Cold Saws: CPO 275 PKPD and CPO 350 PKPD are semi-automatic machines. The Scotchman Advanced Feed System, with programmable stop feature, works as a great addition to any Cold Saw. The AFS can turn any semi-automatic machine into a fully automatic production machine.

What is a cold saw?

For ferrous material, this unique type of cutting turns the blade at a very low RPM, similar to a milling process, giving a FAST, precise, burr-free cut without heat or sparks. The Scotchman Cold Saw line is complete with both ferrous and non-ferrous machines, manual to fully automatic, and is capable of cutting straight or angled cuts.

Do you have Scotchman parts?

Yes, we have Scotchman Parts!! We are very knowledgeable on the complete line of Scotchman Machinery. We can help you with Parts, Service, and Technical support.

Does scotscotchman offer a lock-out switch for this machine?

Scotchman offers a lock-out switch for this machine as an option, if your plant is not equipped with lock-out capabilities. If you are interested in this option, REFER TO SECTION 7.7 or contact your local dealer or the factory. 4.6 GUARD ADJUSTMENT-MANUAL MACHINES SEE FIGURE 4 ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE.

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