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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cold saw does Scotchman make?

Scotchman offers six models of Manual & Semi-Automatic Cold Saws: CPO 275 PKPD and CPO 350 PKPD are semi-automatic machines. The Scotchman Advanced Feed System, with programmable stop feature, works as a great addition to any Cold Saw. The AFS can turn any semi-automatic machine into a fully automatic production machine.

What is a cold saw?

For ferrous material, this unique type of cutting turns the blade at a very low RPM, similar to a milling process, giving a FAST, precise, burr-free cut without heat or sparks. The Scotchman Cold Saw line is complete with both ferrous and non-ferrous machines, manual to fully automatic, and is capable of cutting straight or angled cuts.

Does scotscotchman offer a lock-out switch for this machine?

Scotchman offers a lock-out switch for this machine as an option, if your plant is not equipped with lock-out capabilities. If you are interested in this option, REFER TO SECTION 7.7 or contact your local dealer or the factory. 4.6 GUARD ADJUSTMENT-MANUAL MACHINES SEE FIGURE 4 ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE.

How to choose the right blade for your cold saw?

6.3 SELECTING THE PROPER BLADE AND CUTTING SPEED In cold sawing, there is no such thing as a general purpose blade. To achieve the best results from your saw, proper blade selection is important. Each saw is shipped with a pitch (number of teeth) calculator, which will help to determine the proper blade for your application.

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