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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ironworker mean?

ironworkers Frequency: A person who makes iron or articles of iron. noun 2 0 A person employed to manufacture and shape iron. noun 2 0 A worker who builds the framework of steel bridges, skyscrapers, etc. noun 1 0 A construction worker who assembles the metal frame of buildings. noun 0 0 One who makes iron articles. noun 0 1 Advertisement

What is an ironworker machine?

The IronWorker Machine or IronWorker Shear is a class of tool that uses a mechanical advantage to shear, punch, form or bend and notch metal with the pull of a lever or push of a button. These tools allow you to perform these functions with ease without the use of an abrasive cutting tool or drill and tend to make cleaner cuts, notches, and holes in metal than with the other alternatives.

What is an iron worker?

Ironworkers typically do the following: Iron and steel are important elements in buildings, bridges, and other structures. Even though the primary metal involved in this work is steel, these workers often are known as ironworkers or erectors. When building a tall structure, such as a skyscraper, ironworkers will arrange the steel frames ...

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