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Frequently Asked Questions

What is asdfghjkl?

An expression used when you are so excited you can't even find the words to describe your feelings. -"Hey are you excited about the concert ?" Get a asdfghjkl mug for your buddy Vivek.

What is the sdfghjkl ransomware?

What is SDfghjkl? Discovered by Raby, SDfghjkl is a malicious program belonging to the Paradise ransomware family. This malware operates by encrypting the data of infected systems so that ransoms can be issued for decryption tools/software.

How to decrypt files encrypted by sdfghjkl?

Fortunately, files encrypted by SDfghjkl can be decrypted with Emsisoft's decryption tool. Even in instances when there is no decryption software available, you are strongly advised against meeting any ransom demands.

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