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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SeatGuru?

SeatGuru was founded in 2001 by computer engineer, entrepreneur, and real estate CEO Matthew Daimler. The initial premise of SeatGuru was simple: mark good seats green, bad seats red, and “be aware” seats yellow.

How can SeatGuru help you find the best seats on planes?

If you’ve already booked your flight and need to figure out what the best seats are on your plane before selecting a seat, SeatGuru can help tremendously in this regard. Let’s say you’re booked on a Scandinavian Airlines flight in business class, and you redeemed Turkish Airlines milesto book this.

Is SeatGuru accurate?

Overall, SeatGuru is an extraordinarily useful tool. Whether it’s searching for seat maps themselves, browsing for various seat maps, or even comparing different seats across multiple airlines and planes, SeatGuru is an absolute must-have in your back pocket. The site, however, is not infallible.

What happened to SeatGuru?

SeatGuru was single-handedly responsible for aggregating over 1,250 aircraft seat maps across more than 160 different airlines, both major and minor. In 2003, SeatGuru began a monetization campaign for its website traffic.

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