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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats does a Delta 75s have?

This version, 75S, features 16 flat bed Delta One seats, 44 Delta Comfort+ seats and 108 Economy seats, with Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) at every seat. These aircraft are flown in a number of different configurations. SeatGuru provides maps for each version.

How do I purchase comfort+ seats on Delta?

Delta Comfort+ pricing varies by route length and these seats may be purchased from Delta directly at the time of booking or at check-in. This row is behind the bulkhead row which must rely on overhead storage. It is also located below an overhead bin that is unusable by passengers (marked "survival pack inside").

What is the difference between a Delta one suite and one seat?

The main difference between a Delta One Suite, which can be found throughout Delta's fleet and the new Delta One Seat is the lack of a door. This aircraft features Thompson Solutions Vantage flat-bed sleeper seats arranged in a staggered pattern, featuring wide armrests that also serve as a footwell for the passenger seated behind.

Do all seats on Delta have power outlets?

All seats in Delta One, Delta Premium and Delta Comfort+ feature AC power outlets. In Ecomomy, AC power outlets can be found between seats. All seats in all classes on this aircraft feature USB power ports. Delta offers access to the internet using Gogo service.

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