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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about the Emirates 3-4-3 seat configuration in 777-300ER?

I can not believe that anyone has anything positive to say about Emirates 3-4-3 seat configuration in the 777-300ER, I can only presume they viewed the economy cabin from the comfort of first class. The figures speak for themselves, this configuation has less seat width and spread than virtually any other airline in the world.

Does the seat on the Emirates 380-800 flatten?

Having just come off the Emirates 380-800 flight which was spectacular (seat 20k) I found this experience to be a bit disappointing. The seat does flatten but is at a slight angle giving the feeling of potentially slipping off the seat.

How bad is the 24K seat on Emirates?

Seat 24K is terrible. The frame around the door will push into your right thigh making it impossible to stretch your legs out directly in front of you. You end up twisted with your legs in front of 24J. Do not pay extra for this seat. Emirates know this as they have added padding on the door frame to make life slight more comfortable!

What is it like to sit on an Emirates B777?

Consider your seat choice carefully. I was on quite a few Emirates flight operated by B777-300ER and must say that I never had any problem with 3-4-3 configuration. I always have windows seat and I'm quite tall (177cm). The leg room is adequate and I was also able to stretch my legs using space under the seat in front on me.

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