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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats does Malaysia Airlines have in economy class?

More Information. Overview. Malaysia Airlines operates two versions of the Boeing 737-800: one version with 150 Economy Class seats and a second version with 144 Economy Class seats. This version operates on short-haul flights with 16 seats of Business Class and 150 seats of Economy Class.

How many first class seats are there in Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350-900?

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350-900 operates with 4 First Class seats, 35 Business Class seats, 27 Economy Class With Extra Legroom seats and 220 Economy Class seats.

What is the national airline of Malaysia?

Founded in 1937, Malaysia Airlines (MH) is the flag carrier of the country of Malaysia. It operates from primary hubs at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) and Kota Kinabalu International Airport (BKI), and a secondary hub at Kuching International Airport (KCH).

Does Malaysia Airlines have in-flight entertainment?

Malaysia Airlines offers audio selections in all classes of service. Each seat on the aircraft is equipped with a Personal TV. The First Class passengers will enjoy their selections on a 24-inch in-flight entertainment screen, the Business Class, on a 16-inch one, and Economy Class With Extra Legroom and Economy Class, on a 11-inch one.

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