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Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines are based in Seattle?

Horizon Air. This airline is based in Seattle, and together with its sister carrier, Alaska Airlines, serves more than 80 cities in Alaska, the Lower 48, Canada and Mexico. Every Horizon flight earns points in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan.

What Airlines service Seattle?

Airlines Serving Seattle - Tacoma Airport. Both domestic and international airlines serve Seattle - Tacoma Airport. Some of the most familiar include American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Delta Connection, United Airlines, Frontier, Jet Blue, Southwest, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, and British Airways.

What is the closest airport to Seattle Washington?

The closest airport to Kent is Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA). Distance from Seattle–Tacoma International Airport to Kent, WA is 5.8 miles / 9.4 kilometers.

What is the International Airport in Seattle?

Airport Information. Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Seattle – Tacoma International Airport is the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is in the city of SeaTac, Washington, twelve miles south of downtown Seattle. It is the primary airport for the Seattle metropolitan area.

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