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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seattle Public Schools teaching radical BLM lessons to students?

Rantz: Seattle Public Schools teaching radical BLM, anti-police lessons to K-5 students Seattle Public Schools will spend the week promoting Black Lives Matter lessons to students. Teachers are encouraged to offer their opinions. Breaking: Seahawks give up late TD, fall to Bears 25-24 | Recap story >>

What is BLM’s role in public schools?

Now, through the efforts of activist teachers, BLM is moving beyond street protests to establish a growing presence in the nation’s public schools. The initiative began in Seattle, where teachers organized a “Black Lives Matter at School Day,” in October, 2016.

Are there any lessons to be learned from BLM?

There’s certainly no criticism of some of the extreme positions BLM activists take. The lessons merely normalize them. The lessons present BLM as good and police as evil.

Should progressive teachers wear BLM gear to school?

Instead, progressive teachers offer the instruction. Some teachers, even those who support the movement, think the lessons and approach go too far. Some feel pressure to wear BLM political gear to school. If they don’t, they fear a chastising. Several teachers reached out to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH to express dismay.

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