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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose selectselect Specialty Hospital – Miami?

Select Specialty Hospital – Miami is a 47-bed, free-standing critical illness recovery hospital. We specialize in helping critically ill patients breathe, speak, eat, walk and think as independently as possible.

How do I contact selectselect medical?

Select Medical 4714 Gettysburg Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 United States +1 (888) 735-6332

Where is Critical Illness Recovery select specialty hospital in Orlando?

Critical Illness Recovery Select Specialty Hospital - Orlando North 2250 Bedford Road Orlando, FL 32803

Why Select Select Medical Rehabilitation?

Select Medical rehabilitation hospitals utilizing technology-based therapy to help stroke, spinal cord and brain injury patients regain function and quality of life. No referral, no problem. Physical therapy does not always require a prescription. Various levels of "Direct Access" are now available in all 50 states. From our family to yours.

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