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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy gator foam boards? is an online foam board, gator foam board and graphic art boards company. We have experience selling boards online since 2000 and our support staff have been working with board customers for over 18 years.

Is gatorboard good for outdoor use?

See: SELF ADHESIVE GATOR BOARD Black Gatorboard is not recommended for outdoor use as the color accelerates UV breakdown, for extreme outdoor conditions sintra board is recommended. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON GATOR BOARD FABRICATION (OPENS IN NEW PAGE)

What is gatorfoam made of?

Gatorfoam is a lightweight, rigid display board with a polystyrene core and white surface. The core is very dense and firm and the surface is a wood fiber veneer laminate impregnated with resin for water resistance. Gatorfoam cuts cleanly with a knife, saw, or router.

How do you cut gatorfoam?

Gatorfoam cuts cleanly with a knife, saw, or router. Choose Gatorfoam for your ... Sorry, this item cannot be purchased on our web site at this time.

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