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Frequently Asked Questions

What shade of blue is the most popular?

Today, they are 57 official shades of blue. Some of them are real dark shades of blue but light shades of blue are more popular than dark ones. Electric blue is one of the most popular shades of Blue. It’s mostly known with the Aquarius’s astrological sign. Also it’s a shade that produces in the radiation tests.

What color does blue and green mixed together make?

Because green is a mixture of blue and yellow, adding blue doesn't make another colour; it just makes it more blue. The colour you get depends on the shade of blue and the shade of green mixed together.

Are blue and green the same color?

The spiral appears to have arms of green, blue, and pink/magenta - but what appears to be blue and what appears to be green are actually identical colors, confirmed by spectrometry. The reason they look [like] different colors is because our brain judges the color of an object by comparing it to surrounding colors.

Is blue green and aqua green the same?

Unlike turquoise, aqua has the shades of blue and green in the same proportion . When it comes to the RGB value, the RGB value of aqua is 0, 255 and 255. This shows that the presence of red in aqua is virtually a zero, while green value is 255 and blue value is 255. You can now see what was meant by aqua having the same proportion of green and blue.

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