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Frequently Asked Questions

How many different shades of blue are there?

144 Shades of Blue Color with Names and HTML, Hex, RGB, CMYK Codes. 1 Turquoise. Turquoise is a color that is related to the gemstone of the same name. Turquoise also has many different variations to it as listed below. 2 Powder Blue. 3 Sky Blue. 4 Electric Blue. 5 Air Force Blue. More items

What color is medium slate blue?

Slate Blue, as we’ll discuss later, is named after a gray-blue stone found throughout Europe. Medium Slate Blue dials up the blue tones of the typical slate color and results in a brighter and far more lively hue with subtle purple and gray undertones.

What color is Spanish Blue?

Spanish Blue is technically considered a shade of azure instead of blue, but most people would agree that it “passes” for blue easily enough. The end result is a strong, vivid blue that is especially popular in many Spanish-speaking countries, from whence it gets its name.

What color is Cambridge Blue?

Sports teams from the University of Cambridge in England, Cambridge Blue is a pale bluish green that is most often seen on members of Cambridge’s University Boat Club. The color has been in use since 1862, although the exact shade has shifted throughout time.

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