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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was shades of Blue cancelled?

Shades Of Blue Has Been Cancelled At NBC, But It's Not Over Yet. Shades of Blue fans will be feeling a little blue themselves after hearing NBC's news. The series, which boasts the star power of Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta, has officially been cancelled.

Is there season 3 shades of blue?

The Jennifer Lopez-led NBC cop drama “Shades of Blue” will end after its upcoming third season, the network announced Wednesday. The series, which stars Lopez and Ray Liotta, will premiere its 10-episode third season on Sunday, June 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

What shade of blue is the most popular?

Today, they are 57 official shades of blue. Some of them are real dark shades of blue but light shades of blue are more popular than dark ones. Electric blue is one of the most popular shades of Blue. It’s mostly known with the Aquarius’s astrological sign. Also it’s a shade that produces in the radiation tests.

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