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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the different shades of green?

Other shades of green include aquamarine, spring green, beryl and pea green. Sap, seafoam, chartreuse, fir and viridian are also shades of green. Other shades of green include sea green, sage, pine and moss. Mint, olive, olive drab and forest are also shades of green, and lime, leaf green and grass green are also green hues.

What are the names of the shades of green?

The popular shades of green colors are Amazon, Asparagus, Bottle Green, Emerald, Fern Green, India green, Jade, Jungle green, Lime, Mint green, Olive and Shamrock.

What is the shade of green?

Reseda green is a shade of greyish green in the classic range of colours of the German RAL colour standard, where it is colour 6011. The name derives from the colour of the leaves of Reseda odorata, commonly known as mignonette.

What are the different types of Greens?

Greece. At least 80 different kinds of greens are used, depending on the area and season, including black mustard, dandelion, wild sorrel, chicory, fennel, chard, kale, mallow, black nightshade, lamb's quarters, wild leeks, hoary mustard, charlock, smooth sow thistle and even the fresh leaves of the caper plant.

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