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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sharkboy look like as a child?

As a young child, SharkBoy looks like a young boy with short, spiky brown hair. His skin is tanned, and his teeth vary between a human and shark appearance.

What happened to Sharkboy in the book Sharkboy?

SharkBoy is repulsed by the chocolate and icing on the cookies. The trio escapes the Cookie Giants, and Max is finally ready to try and dream. LavaGirl attempts to sing Max a lullaby but her voice isn't soothing, so she enlists the job to Sharkboy who breaks out singing The Dream Song.

What is the best hairstyle for a boy with short hair?

Boys Faux Hawk with Short Sides The faux hawk has always been a cool hairstyle for little boys. With short sides and long hair on top, kids are able to style some of the best hairstyles. To style a kids faux hawk, use a strong pomade or gel to push the hair towards the middle of the head.

What is Sharkey's cut's for kids?

Sharkey’s Cut’s for Kids in West Gables is a kids and family hair salon. We are a cutting-edge salon, featuring salon birthday packages, Xbox for Read more [...] At Lexington Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids, we know that kids and parents want something different with their haircut experience.

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