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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cases are in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One has 30 Cases (plus 5 DLC Cases). This 100% Walkthrough also points out all missable trophies and achievements. Collectibles are covered under the free roam section at the bottom. Everything for 100% Completion is included. By following this you will earn all trophies and achievements in the game.

How do you read a Mother's Love in Sherlock Holmes?

To get started with A Mother’s Love in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you’ll want to listen to Jon’s advice. He tells Sherlock to concentrate (press and hold the “Q” key). This causes a white circle to appear. Sherlock will then recount the scenes that transpired as a means of remembering the funeral.

What are the walkthroughs for Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1?

Below are links to all Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Walkthroughs: Not needed for trophies / achievements. Lead Zeppelin (part of Victorian Starter Pack, Pre-Order Bonus) All Imaginations (Crime Scene Reconstructions) – the white outlines of people you need to place in correct positions to retrace what happened at a crime scene

Where does Sherlock go after Ghosts of the past?

After completing Ghosts of the Past, Sherlock and Jon head to Cordona’s cemetery. Sherlock visits the grave of his mother, Violet Holmes, to remember more about his life on this Mediterranean island. Here’s our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One guide to help you with A Mother’s Love – The Cemetery.

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