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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1 good?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One presents an interesting set of mysteries to solve, but its open-world setting doesn’t really elevate its familiar investigation gameplay to a substantial enough degree, and its combat sections are uniformly dull and repetitive.

Is Sherlock Holmes a real character?

Sherlock Holmes is a character that has stayed within the public zeitgeist since his first published outing way back in 1887. Since 1887, Sherlock Holmes has been adapted into every storytelling medium, from literature to films and to games, thanks to Frogwares.

What is Sherlock Holmes’s Detective-Vision ability?

Holmes has a detective-vision ability that highlights important objects with a small, white circle that looks like a crosshair, or a small yellow dot. As someone with a minor visual impairment I had to squint to make these tiny dots out – and then, at nighttime, fireflies appear, which are also small yellow dots.

Who is Sherlock's constant companion?

Sherlock's constant companion, Jon, is a sort of proto-Watson, and really exemplifies how Chapter One adapts Arthur Conan Doyle's ancient character. Like Watson, Jon is a sounding board, motivator and confidant for Sherlock, as well as assisting in his cases.

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