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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Sherpa Mini Loader weigh?

Our most powerful mini loader from this range weighs 1.48 tons and is powered by a 25 kW/34-HP, 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. These strong but lightweight hydraulic 4-wheel-drive mini loaders can move up to 1000Kg. The 300 Plus mini loaders are the stars of the Sherpa 300 mini loader range.

What is the Sherpa 100 eco?

Hanenberg Materieel Ltd. was the first manufacturer to introduce an electric mini skid-steer: the SHERPA 100 ECO. The SHERPA... The SHERPA 100 Agri-Line was developed with the agricultural sector in mind. This versatile compact machine is extremely... This version of the SHERPA 100 skid steer loader stands out!

What is a mini skid steer loader?

The Sherpa Mini skid steer loaders are compact, versatile and manoeuvrable machines suitable for indoor and outdoor uses and perfect for working in tight spaces and restricted access areas. Its small size and wide range of attachments makes the mini skid steer suitable for many industries.

What is the smallest Mini Loader on the market?

The Sherpa 150-mini loaders are the smallest professional mini loaders available on the market. Their compact narrow width of just 76cm makes these mini loaders the perfect machines for gardeners and landscapers, who often must transport materials through very narrow gates and paths.

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