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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the orbiter worth it over the Sherpa mini?

If the Sherpa Mini used the larger gears, but was 20g lighter, I'd go with that in a heartbeat. As it stands, the Orbiter might be worth the extra 20g just for the better gears. Side note: this is also the biggest selling point of the new Bondtech LGX.

What is the gear reduction on a Sherpa mini?

The Sherpa Mini with an 8 gear motor has a 6.25 reduction. On a 10 gear motor a reduction of 5 (it uses the default 50 tooth BMG wheel). Orbiter with it's planetary gearbox is setup for a 7.5 reduction.

Should I get the M4 or Sherpa mini?

I went with both the M4 and the Sherpa Mini, as the Sherpa is way lighter and has less moving parts. In the process of tuning both :) 2nd Ender, first print. This is why you take your time setting up a new machine.

What are the gears on a BMG orbiter?

Normal BMG dual drive gears are 5mm ID, but the ones the Orbiter use are 8mm ID. I actually think that's the only read advantage of the orbiter over the Sherpa Mini or M4.

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