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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does shields offer?

Shields offers high-field open-bore MRI machines that allow for greater patient comfort while maintaining clear images. Additional services include MR arthrogram and breast MRI, as well as Shields ProCare, imaging medical equipment maintenance and service company. All Shields locations are ACR accredited.

What is shields health care group?

Shields Health Care Group provides MRI, PET/CT, and Radiation Oncology services to patients at more than 30 locations in New England. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, provider expertise, and affordability, Shields prioritizes the patient experience above all. Shields offers high-field open-bore MRI machines that allow for greater patient...

What are the characteristics of shields?

Finally, shields vary greatly in shape, ranging in roundness to angularity, proportional length and width, symmetry and edge pattern; different shapes provide more optimal protection for infantry or cavalry, enhance portability, provide secondary uses such as ship protection or as a weapon and so on.

What is Shields imaging?

With more than 30 Shields imaging locations throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Shields provides easy access to top-notch MRI, PET/CT, and Radiation Oncology services.

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