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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Shimanos components?

SHIMANO components create a more efficient bicycle-to-rider interface that demands less of your energy. We do it through low-effort and precise shifting systems and through linear response braking systems that deliver superior power and modulation. By using components that work for you, you can focus more on the task at hand riding your bicycle.

What should I do with my Shimano original parts?

Shimano Original parts and the right maintenance makes this excitement possible for you, every day. A new chain, a replaced cassette, or new brake pads could be the improvement your bike needs to be in mint condition. Let us help you get the full potential out of your bike. Find the right part in just a few simple steps.

Why should you buy a Shimanos road bike?

Flying over roads like the wind, entirely unrestrained, we aim for greater speed and enjoyment. SHIMANO road bike components respond, backed by a long history of innovative research -- from aerodynamics to ergonomics.

What is the Shimano Dura-Ace?

The DURA-ACE, Shimano’s flagship components in the racing world, always adopts our latest cutting-edge technologies like the Di2. The Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence), which was developed to enhance the potential of components by fusion with electronic devices, has dramatically improved shifting speed and accuracy.

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