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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shimano a good brand for bikes?

Shimano is one of the only companies in the cycling world to have a huge market share in both the road and mountain bike segments of the industry. The company is renowned for making road componentry that shifts smoothly and accurately, brakes on demand with control, and continues to perform at the highest-level ride after ride.

What is Shimano's system engineering approach?

For over 100 years, Shimano has been dedicated to creating industry-leading cycling components and accessories. Much of this effort centers around our system engineering approach, where products are designed to seamlessly work together for the best possible on-bike experience.

What is the Shimano SLX series?

The all-new SLX series of rods provides anglers with a revamped and eye-catching aesthetic coupled with new Shimano rod technology to deliver tournament-level performance and versatility to cover any technique.

Why did Shozaburo Shimano choose freewheels?

Shozaburo Shimano opened Shimano in 1921 with one basic goal: to make a great bicycle freewheel. He didn’t choose freewheels because they were cost-effective, profitable, or easy to make. He chose them because they require the most technology, ingenuity, and precision. Shozaburo wanted to make the most difficult component he could.

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