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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Las Vegas in October 2021?

Things To Do In Las Vegas In October 2021 - Shows, Events And Concerts Las Vegas shows in October 2021 include concerts by ZZ Top and Sting. Visiting stand up comedians include Tom Segura, Ron White. Plus there is plenty of other upcoming shows, events, gigs, acts, and other events and things to do!

What new shows are coming to Las Vegas in 2022?

Introducing all the New Shows in Las Vegas: “M is for Magic”, “Totally Mental”, “Extravaganza”, and more. See the Best New Shows of 2022. If you have not been to Las Vegas for a few years, you may be surprised at what you find when you get there.

What Las Vegas shows are on in October 2019?

Las Vegas shows in October 2019 include concerts by Aerosmith, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga. Comedy shows in October include stand up comedians Ray Romano and David Spade, Daniel Tosh.

What are the best Las Vegas shows for kids in 2021?

The show features family friendly comedy, kids, juggling, skating, magicians and puppets. This is one of the must-see shows for kids in 2021. A little bit of vaudeville combined with modern day Sin City, the Extravaganza is the ideal Las Vegas show for you to see when you are in Las Vegas.

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