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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Silvadene cream now available without prescription?

No silvadene is not available without prescription. I works best for burns. You can use Neosporin on the open wound. It is available over the counter. Once your doctor is back, get the prescription of silvadene. If the opening is more, need to go to clinic for a stitch. Hope this helps. Good day!

How often do you apply Silvadene cream?

Silvadene should be applied under sterile conditions. The burns should remain covered with the cream at all times to eliminate and reduce infection risks. Generally, the cream is applied two times per day with a thickness that’s equal to 1/16th of an inch.

Is Silvadene cream available over the counter?

Neosporin is used to treat minor infections and is applied to the skin 1 to 3 times a day to the affected areas. Neosporin does not need a prescription and can be purchased over the counter. Silvadene is a topical cream that is used on severe burns, 2nd and 3rd degree..

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