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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of sing song?

sing along(Noun) A gathering or event where participants are encouraged to add their voices in song. sing along(Verb) To sing some music while someone else is singing or playing the same piece of music or while it is being broadcast or performed.

What does singsong mean?

Definition of singsong. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : verse with marked and regular rhythm and rhyme. 2 : a voice delivery marked by a narrow range or monotonous pattern of pitch.

What is intonation in music?

Intonation (music) Intonation, in music, can have two different meanings: In plainchant, intonation is when a solo singer - usually the priest - sings the first phrase of a piece of music before the choir start to sing. The intonation is the tune on which the music is based.

What is a sing song voice?

Definition of 'sing-song'. sing-song. A sing-song voice repeatedly rises and falls in pitch. He started to speak in a nasal sing-song voice. A sing-song is an occasion on which a group of people sing songs together for pleasure.

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