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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Songsong game?

Song games aren't necessarily about specific songs themselves. Their stages and levels are simply built around three to four minutes of harmonies and strong beats. Named after a singing voice that often holds these musical compositions together, they each can fit into fundamentally different genres and musical styles.

How many players do you need to play singing games?

Best for: 2 to 8 players. What you need: Nothing! How to play: This is just a simple guessing game involving singing, but singing a song only one word at a time. One person, like Lucy, starts out by thinking up a song. Then Lucy starts singing the song out loud, but only the first word.

What is Singsong and how does it work?

SingSong allows you to karaoke any song you want to sing, in any language. SingSong comes with support for hundreds of songs and it is easy to add support for new songs yourself. SingSong scores you while you sing by measuring your voice against the original artist and is an extremely accurate judge.

What is the just sing companion app?

With the Just Sing Companion app, your smartphone is all you need. Released in 2012, UltraStar is a sing-along video game developed by Loud Arts. This video game is one of the karaoke games online that allows one or more players score points when they sing along to a song or video to match the pitch close to perfection of the original song.

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