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Frequently Asked Questions

What is singsong?

Definition of singsong (Entry 2 of 2) : having a monotonous cadence or rhythm : a way of speaking in which the sound of your voice rises and falls in a pattern : a way of speaking in which the pitch of the voice rises and falls in a pattern

What is a singing accent?

(Linguistics) an accent, metre, or intonation that is characterized by an alternately rising and falling rhythm, as in a person's voice, piece of verse, etc 2. (Music, other) Brit an informal session of singing, esp of popular or traditional songs having a regular or monotonous rising and falling rhythm: a singsong accent. n.

What is the meaning of monotonous singing?

(ˈsɪŋˌsɔŋ, -ˌsɒŋ) n. 1. a monotonous, rhythmical rising and falling in pitch of the voice when speaking. 2. verse, or a piece of verse, that is monotonously jingly in rhythm and pattern of pitch. 3. Brit. a session of informal group singing; sing.

What is the meaning of song?

1 : verse with marked and regular rhythm and rhyme 2 : a voice delivery marked by a narrow range or monotonous pattern of pitch 3 British : songfest

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