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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Singspiel the horse?

Singspiel (25 February 1992 – 1 July 2010) was an Irish -bred Thoroughbred racehorse and sire best known for a series of wins in major international races in 1996 and 1997. In a racing career which lasted from September 1994 until August 1997 he won nine of his twenty races and finished second on eight occasions.

What is the meaning of Singspiel?

Singspiel. A Singspiel ( German pronunciation: [ziŋɡʃpiːl]; plural: Singspiele; literally "sing-play") is a form of German-language music drama, now regarded as a genre of opera. It is characterized by spoken dialogue, which is alternated with ensembles, songs, ballads, and arias which were often strophic, or folk-like.

When did Singspiel start his racing career?

Singspiel began his racing career at Leicester Racecourse on 6 September 1994, when he finished fifth in a maiden race over seven furlongs. Two weeks later he recorded his first victory when he was made the 4/6 favourite for the Marford Maiden Stakes at Chester Racecourse and won from seven opponents.

What is the difference between an opera and a singpiel?

^ According to the 1908 edition of Grove's Dictionary of Music, the main distinction between opera and Singspiel is: " [Singspiel] by no means excludes occasional recitative in place of the spoken dialogue, but the moment the music helps to develop the dramatic denouement we have to do with Opera and not with Singspiel."

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