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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Singspiel and opera?

Singspiel is a see also of opera. As nouns the difference between singspiel and opera is that singspiel is (music|uncountable) an early german form of opera consisting of spoken dialogue interspersed with song while opera is (music) a theatrical work combining drama, music, song and sometimes dance.

What is a German Singspiel?

Singspiel, 18th-century opera in the German language, containing spoken dialogue and usually comic in tone. The earliest singspiels were light plays whose dialogue was interspersed with popular songs. Resembling the contemporary English ballad opera and the French opéra-comique (both of which stimulated its development),...

What was Mozart's first Singspiel?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (center) attending a performance of his Singspiel, Die Entführung aus dem Serail, in Berlin in 1789. A Singspiel (German pronunciation: [ziŋɡʃpiːl]; plural: Singspiele; literally "sing-play") is a form of German-language music drama, now regarded as a genre of opera.

What is the origin of opera?

The Théâtre de la foire appeared in London in the 1720s, to be imitated in the form of the English ballad opera, which in turn stimulated the creation of the German Singspiel. This is a glossary list of opera genres, giving alternative names.

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