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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of a lightboard?

All lightboards include integrated edge lighting for internal illumination of the ultra-clear glass. All glass is professionally polished for optimal clarity. Robust perimeter frame includes channels for mounting additional gear if desired.

What size Light PAD do I need for my project?

If you'll only be using standard 11" by 8" paper, it will be easy to find a great light pad that's quite affordable. But know that much larger light pads, even units measuring up to 17" in width, are readily available, and these may be necessary for viewing larger documents such as x-ray slides or various schematic documents or pieces of artwork.

What is the largest Lightbox in the UK?

Your best option for a larger lightbox in the UK is the Huion A2 LED Light Pad. It's the largest lightbox on our list for the UK, measuring a generous 56.9 x 37.1cm, although we must note that that's the size of the box, not the working area.

How do I choose the right size for my board?

Start by considering the pros and cons of small and large boards: A larger size provides enough people to more easily manage the work load of the board. Fundraising becomes less of a burden when the responsibility is divided among many members.

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