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Frequently Asked Questions

What are sky lanterns called in English?

Sky Lanterns can be referred to as: Flying Paper Lanterns, Kongming Lantern, Floating Paper Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Sky Candles, Chinese Sky Lanterns, and Fire Balloons, among others names. Our Sky Lanterns come in 4 different styles and 8 different colors.

Where to buy wholesale candle lanterns?

WholesaleMart is your #1 source for wholesale candle lanterns and other cheap products. Buy direct and save today on hundreds of wholesale products and discount merchandise.

Is this a cheap copy of the sky lantern?

This is Not a cheap copy, this is the original. The original Sky Lantern is the only lantern where the fuel source is already attached. There is no assembly required, no plastic parts and is the only lantern that is both flame resistant and biodegradable.

What are sky lanterns made of?

Our wire free Sky Lanterns are eco-friendly and made of rice paper and bamboo string Our Sky Lanterns are lightweight and can soar to an altitude of up to 33k feet! They are easy to light and assemble and come with easy to follow instructions. Check out our blog for more instructions, disclaimers, and to see a demo.

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