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Frequently Asked Questions

What does slat stand for?

Editors Contribution(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: slat. Slat (noun) is a tiny wood or metal that attached at the bottom in a sleigh. slat. Is a horizontal or vertical piece of material created and designed in various colors, materials, mechanisms, shapes and styles and used for a variety of purposes.

What is a spousal limited access trust or slat?

A spousal limited access trust is an irrevocable trust established by one spouse for the benefit of the other . The goal of a SLAT is to transfer assets into a trust that can provide income and or principal distributions to a spouse without including the assets in the spouse's estate.

What is the plural of slat?

slat (plural slats) A thin, narrow strip or bar of wood (lath) or metal. slats of a window blind (aeronautical) A movable control surface at the leading edge of a wing that when moved, changes the chord line of the airfoil, affecting the angle of attack.

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