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What was the last country to abolish slavery?

The Last Atlantic-Based Country to Abolish Slavery. Throughout the 1800s, the world gradually did away with the African slave trade. Britain abolished slavery in 1833, and The United States ended the practice in 1863. The South American country of Brazil, however, did not abolish slavery until 1888 -- making it the last Atlantic-based country to do so.

What was the last state to abolish slavery?

New Jersey was the last northern state to abolish slavery, in 1846. It could become the first northern state to apologize if the state's General Assembly adopts a resolution championed by Assemblyman William Payne.

How was slavery finally abolished in the US?

On December 6, 1865 slavery was finally abolished in the United States of America. The Abolition of Slavery in Britain. The British had many slaves all over the British Empire. They used them to work and harvest crops such as sugar and tobacco. Due to a court case slavery became outlawed in Great Britain in 1772.

What states outlawed slavery first?

Vermont was the first, outlawing slavery in July, 1771. New York outlawed this "peculiar institution" in 1799, and New Jersey, in 1804, was the last Northern state to officially abolish the practice.

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