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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add sleeves to any wedding dress?

Adding a lace shrug with short sleeves to wear a sophisticated look is a good alternative to a simple jacket. Bolero jackets are also amongst the popular add-ons to such wedding dress. Jackets with sleeves can also be added to thin-strapped dress. Another good pattern is a knee-length dress with full sleeves.

How do you add sleeves to a dress?

matching thread 1. Find a shirt in your closet with a similar arm hole size as your sleeveless dress, and then use it as a pattern. 2. Lay your pattern piece along the folded edge of your fabric and cut around it, adding a 1/2 inch seam allowance. 3. Open the sleeve up and fold the bottom edge over twice and hem.

When do I shop for a wedding dress?

Shop at the Right Time. Saturday afternoons are the most popular times to shop for a wedding dress, which actually makes them the worst. Instead, consider taking off a half day from work to shop on a random Tuesday or Wednesday morning when it’s likely to be less crowded.

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